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Special volume 65 (4): Special Section: Impacts of climate and land use change on hydrological processes; Guest Editor: Renata J. Romanowicz, pp. 785-892

Vermeulen, P., Kijko, A.  

More statistical tools for maximum possible earthquake magnitude estimation

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Farahi Ghasre Aboonasr, S., Zamani, A.  , Razavipour, F.  , Boostani, R.  

Earthquake Hazard Assessment in the Zagros Orogenic Belt of Iran Using a Fuzzy Rule-based Model

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Eppelbaum, L., Katz, Y.  

A New Regard on the Tectonic Map of the Arabian–African Region Inferred from the Satellite Gravity Analysis

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Kaftan, İ.

Interpretation of Magnetic Anomalies Using a Genetic Algorithm

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Duan, P., Liu, G.  , Tu, Y.  , Huang, C.  

Detection of Antarctic Oscillation Signals in Earth’s Oblateness Variations

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Liebenberg, K.  , Smit, A., Coetzee, S.  , Kijko, A.  

A GIS Approach to Seismic Risk Assessment with an Application to Mining-Related Seismicity in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Varotsos, C.A., Efstathiou, M.N.  , Cracknell, A.P.  

On the Association of Aerosol Optical Depth and Total Ozone Fluctuations with Recent Earthquakes in Greece

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Shi, Y., Jing, H.  , Zhang, W.  , Ning, D.  

Suppressing Multiples Using an Adaptive Multichannel Filter Based on L1-norm

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Konaté, A.A., PAN, H., Ma, H.  , Qin, Z.  , Traoré, A.  

Integrated Core-log Interpretation of Wenchuan Earthquake Fault Scientific Drilling Project Borehole 4 (WFSD-4)

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Szijártó, M., Balázs, L.  , Drahos, D.  , Galsa, A.  

Numerical Sensitivity Test of Three-Electrode Laterolog Borehole Tool

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Godah, W., Szelachowska, M.  , Kryński, J.  

On the Analysis of Temporal Geoid Height Variations Obtained from GRACE-Based GGMs over the Area of Poland

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Zhang, K.  , Lü, Q., Yan, J.  , Hu, H.  , Fu, G.  

The Electrical Resistivity Signature of a Fault Controlling Gold Mineralization and the Implications for Mesozoic Mineralization: a Case Study from the Jiaojia Fault, Eastern China

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Tomecka-Suchoń, S., Żogała, B.  , Gołębiowski, T.  , Dzik, G.  , Dzik, T.  , Jochymczyk, K.  

Application of Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods to Study Sedimentary Covers in High Mountain Areas

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Feng, L., Zhang, Y.  

Dispersion Calculation Method Based on S-Transform and Coordinate Rotation for Love Channel Waves with Two Components

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Asfahani, J.

Porosity and Hydraulic Conductivity Estimation of the Basaltic Aquifer in Southern Syria by Using Nuclear and Electrical Well Logging Techniques

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Tadivaka, R.V.  , Paruchuri, B.P.  , Miriyala, S., Koppireddi, P.R.  , Devanaboyina, V.R.  

Detection of Ionospheric Scintillation Effects Using LMD–DFA

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Romanowicz, R.

The Impacts of Changes in Climate and Land Use on Hydrological Processes. Preface to The Special Section

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Somorowska, U.

Climate-driven Changes to Streamflow Patterns in a Groundwater-dominated Catchment

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Kundzewicz, Z.W., Stoffel, M., Ruiz-Villanueva, V., Ballesteros-Cánovas, J.A.  , Wyżga, B.  , Niedźwiedź, T., Kaczka, R., Łupikasza, E., Spyt, B., Janecka, K.  , Pińskwar, I., Choryński, A.  , Zawiejska, J.  , Mikuś, P., Hajdukiewicz, H.  

Changes of Flood Risk on the Northern Foothills of the Tatra Mountains

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Piniewski, M., Meresa, H.K.  , Romanowicz, R.  , Osuch, M.  , Szcześniak, M., Kardel, I., Okruszko, T.  , Mezghani, A.  , Kundzewicz, Z.W.  

What Can We Learn from the Projections of Changes of Flow Patterns? Results from Polish Case Studies

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Meresa, H.K., Romanowicz, R.  , Napiórkowski, J.  

Understanding Changes and Trends in Projected Hydroclimatic Indices in Selected Norwegian and Polish Catchments

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Doroszkiewicz, J., Romanowicz, R.  

Guidelines for the Adaptation to Floods in Changing Climate

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Debele, S.E., Strupczewski, W.G.  , Bogdanowicz, E.  

A Comparison of Three Approaches to Non-stationary Flood Frequency Analysis

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Debele, S.E., Bogdanowicz, E.  , Strupczewski, W.G.  

Around and About an Application of the GAMLSS Package to Non-stationary Flood Frequency Analysis

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Special volume 65 (4): Special Section: Impacts of climate and land use change on hydrological processes; Guest Editor: Renata J. Romanowicz, pp. 785-892

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