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 Acta Geophysica - Current Volume

Volume 62 (3):

Shiuly, A.  , Kumar, V.  , Narayan, J.P.

Computation of Ground Motion Amplification in Kolkata Megacity (India) Using Finite-Difference Method for Seismic Microzonation

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Mousavian, R., Hossainali, M.M.

Geodetic Constraints on the Period of Episodic Tremors and Slips Using Least Squares Harmonic Estimation Method with Application to Cascadia Subduction Zone

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Wiszniowski, J., Plesiewicz, B.M.  , Trojanowski, J.  

Application of Real Time Recurrent Neural Network for Detection of Small Natural Earthquakes in Poland

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Agh-Atabai, M., Mirabedini, M.S.

Temporal Variations of Seismicity Parameters in the Central Alborz, Iran

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Rashed, M.

Fifty Years of Stacking

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Muduli, P.K., Das, S.K.

Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Soil Based on Standard Penetration Test Using Multi-Gene Genetic Programming Model

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Liu, H., Lei, X.  , Mao, C.  , Li, S.  

Improving Reservoir Thickness Prediction Using Seismic Attributes and Attributes Fusion

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Chou, P.-Y., Hsu, S.-M., Chen, P.-J., Lin, J.-J., Lo, H.-C.

Fractured-bedrock Aquifer Studies Based on a Descriptive Statistics of Well-logging Data: A Case Study from the Dajia River Basin, Taiwan

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Zamani, A., Kolahi Azar, A.P., Safavi, A.A.

Wavelet-Based Multifractal Analysis of Earthquakes Temporal Distribution in Mammoth Mountain Volcano, Mono County, Eastern California

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Samui, P., Kim, D.

Applicability of Artificial Intelligence to Reservoir Induced Earthquakes

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Kundzewicz, Z.W., Pińskwar, I., Choryński, A.  , Stoffel, M., Ruiz-Villanueva, V., Ballesteros-Canovas, J.A.  , Kaczka, R.J., Niedźwiedź, T.  , Łupikasza, E., Czajka, B.  , Małarzewski, Ł., Janecka, K.  , Wyżga, B., Mikuś, P.  

Floods at the Northern Foothills of the Tatra Mountains – A Polish–Swiss Research Project

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Tran Ngoc, T.D., Lewandowska, J., Bertin, H.

Experimental Evidence of the Double-Porosity Effects in Geomaterials

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Adeniyi, J.O.  , Adimula, I.A.  , Adebesin, B.O., Reinisch, B.W.  , Oladipo, O.A.  , Olawepo, O.  , Yumoto, K.  

Quantifying the EEJ Current with Ground-Based Ionosonde Inferred Vertical E x B Drifts in the Morning Hours over Ilorin, West Africa

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