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Special volume 61 (4): Geo-Hazards; Guest Editor: Rakesh Chand Ramola

Ramola, R.C.

Geo-Hazards. Preface to the Topical Issue

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Freund, F.

Earthquake Forewarning – A Multidisciplinary Challenge from the Ground up to Space

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Bansal, B.K., Verma, M.

Science and Technology Based Earthquake Risk Reduction Strategies: The Indian Scenario

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Lane-Smith, D., Sims, K.W.W.

The Effect of CO2 on the Measurement of 220Rn and 222Rn with Instruments Utilising Electrostatic Precipitation

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Vigh, T., Kovács, T.  , Somlai, J.  , Kávási, N.  , Polgári, M.  , Bíró, L.  

Terrestrial Radioisotopes in Black Shale Hosted Mn-Carbonate Deposit (Úrkút, Hungary)

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Quindos Poncela, L.S., Sainz Fernandez, C.  , Fuente Merino, I.  , Gutierrez Villanueva, J.L.  , Gonzalez Diez, A.  

The Use of Radon as Tracer in Environmental Sciences

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Cosma, C., Cucoş (Dinu), A.  , Papp, B.  , Begy, R.  , Dicu, T., Moldovan, M., Truţă, L.A., Niţă, D.C., Burghele, B.-D.  , Suciu, L.  , Sainz, C.  

Radon and Remediation Measures near Băiţa-Ştei Old Uranium Mine (Romania)

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Sahoo, S., Hosoda, M.  , Prasad, G., Takahashi, H.  , Sorimachi, A.  , Ishikawa, T.  , Tokonami, S.  , Uchida, S.  

Naturally Occurring Radionuclides and Rare Earth Elements in Weathered Japanese Soil Samples

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Biswas, R., Baruah, S.  , Bora, D.K.  

Influence of Attenuation and Site on Microearthquakes’ Spectra in Shillong Region, of Northeast, India: A Case Study

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Hazarika, D., Kumar, N.  , Yadav, D.K.  

Crustal Thickness and Poisson’s Ratio Variations Across the Northwest Himalaya and Eastern Ladakh

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Choudhury, S., Gautam, P.K.  , Paul, A.  

Seismicity and Reservoir Induced Crustal Motion Study around the Tehri Dam, India

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Kushwah, V., Tiwari, R., Gaur, M.S., Tiwari, R.K.

Initial Results of Bio-potential Signal (Seismic Electric Signal) Related to Seismic Activities

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Bourai, A.A.  , Aswal, S.  , Dangwal, A.  , Rawat, M., Prasad, M.  , Naithani, N.P.  , Joshi, V., Ramola, R.C.  

Measurements of Radon Flux and Soil-Gas Radon Concentration along the Main Central Thrust, Garhwal Himalaya,Using SRM and RAD7 Detectors

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Kumar, A.  , Walia, V., Yang, T.F.  , Chang, H.-H.  , Lin, S.-J.  , Eappen, K.P.  , Arora, B.R.  

Radon-Thoron Monitoring in Tatun Volcanic Areas of Northern Taiwan Using LR-115 Alpha Track Detector Technique: Pre-Calibration and Installation

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Kumar, N., Rawat, G.  , Choubey, V.M.  , Hazarika, D.  

Earthquake Precursory Research in Western Himalaya based on the Multi-Parametric Geophysical Observatory Data

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Chaudhuri, H., Barman, C.  , Iyengar, A.N.S.  , Ghose, D.  , Sen, P.  , Sinha, B.  

Network of Seismo-Geochemical Monitoring Observatories for Earthquake Prediction Research in India

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Kovács, T., Sas, Z.  , Jobbágy, V.  , Csordás, A.  , Szeiler, G.  , Somlai, J.  

Radiological Aspects of Red Mud Disaster in Hungary

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Rautela, B.S.  , Gusain, G.S., Yadav, M.  , Sahoo, S.K.  , Tokonami, S.  , Ramola, R.C.  

Natural Radionuclide Analysis in Chattarpur Area of Southeastern Coastal Area of Odisha, India

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Kerur, B.R., Rajeshwari, T., Siddanna, R., Kumar, A.S.  

Implication and Hazard of Radiation Level in the Building Materials

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