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Volume 39 (3):

Volume 39 (3):

Pal, A.K.  , Chattopadhyay, A.  

Reflection and refraction of plane waves at an interface between two prestressed elastic half-spaces

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Deshwal, P.S., Beniwal, M.S.  

Love wave propagation in the case of rectangular discontinuity in a surface layer

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Altinok, Y.  , Mäntyniemi, P.  , Kijko, A.  

An evaluation of seismic hazard in the North Anatolian fault zone, Turkey

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Idziak, A.  , Teper, L.  , Cabała, J.  

Shallow seismic method as a tool for resolving tectonic problems: the northeast border of the Upper Silesian coal basin

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Nguyen, Kim Lap  

A note on earthquakes in the Hanoi district in Vietnam

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Teisseyre, K.P.

Simulation of anisotropic changes of resitivity in primarily anisotropic rocks under load

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Barański, P., Michnowski, S.

The field-dependent currents derived from the electric field variation following lightning discharges observed at the Earth surface

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