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Volume 58 (4):

Semenov, V.Yu., Shuman, V.N.

Impedances for Induction Soundings of the Earth’s Mantle

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Janik, T.

Upper Lithospheric Structure in the Central Fennoscandian Shield: Constraints from P- and S-Wave Velocity Models and VP/VS Ratio Distribution of the BALTIC Wide-Angle Seismic Profile

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Gnyp, A.

Refining Locations of the 2005-2006 Recurrent Earthquakes in Mukacheve, West Ukraine, and Implications for their Source Mechanism and the Local Tectonics

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Wiszniowski, J., Teisseyre, K.P.

A Method to Minimize Errors in Seismic Differential Measurements

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Narayan, J.P., Kumar, S.

Study of Effects of Focal Depth on the Characteristics of Rayleigh Waves Using Finite Difference Method

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Kumar, S.

Estimation of Crustal Qß in the NW Himalaya using Teleseismic Broadband SH Waveforms of the 8 October 2005 South Asian Earthquake

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Eshagh, M.

Comparison of Two Approaches for Considering Laterally Varying Density in Topographic Effect on Satellite Gravity Gradiometric Data

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Hamouda, A.Z.

A Reanalysis of the AD 365 Tsunami Impact along the Egyptian Mediterranean Coast

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Rutkowska, M., Jagoda, M.

Estimation of the Elastic Earth Parameters using the SLR LAGEOS 1 and LAGEOS 2 Data

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Volume 58 (4):

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